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Rick Trevino & Gabe Garcia Autographed & Certified Playbill
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Need a Credit Card/Debit Card to bid and purchase an item from the auction! Credit Card will be charged, and final invoice sent. All Credit Card Fees & Taxes are passed on to the buyer so we can raise more money for the non-profit! Items will be shipped 7-14 Business days after payment received! All Sales are Final No Refunds, Trips and or Experiences are based upon availability!

Legal Terms

Thank you for helping us raise money for the Dallas Winds. “All Sales are Final” & No Refunds will be provided. Donor is Solely Responsible to the Winning Bidder for the terms and the fulfillment of their goods and or services. Every Trip or Hunt is Based upon Availability! *All Credit Card Fees are passed on to the buyer to help the Dallas Winds raise more money.