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Charcuterie Board for 2- $12 Raffle Ticket
Auction Item Page

Item Details

Minimum 5 Tickets must be sold for Raffle to Proceed!!

Buy a $12 Raffle Ticket for Charcuterie Board

"No Lose Item" You Receive $100 Restaurant Rewards Gift Certificate, & 60 Min Float SA Massage

Shipping Details

Need a Credit Card/Debit Card to to purchase a Ticket! Credit Card will be charged and final invoice sent. All Credit Card Fees are passed on to the buyer so we can raise more money for the non-profit! Items will be shipped 7-10 Business after payment received! All Sales are Final No Refunds, Trips and or Experiences are based upon availability!

Legal Terms

Thank you for helping us raise money for our non-profits. “All Sales Final” & No Refunds. Donor is Solely Responsible to the Winning Bidder for the terms and the fulfillment of their goods and or services. Every Trip or Hunt is Based upon Availability! *All Credit Card Fees are passed on to the buyer to help the non-profit raise more money.